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The Family Ministry team targets to strengthen marriages to stay healthy and thriving in the fellowship. It provides opportunities to couples for spiritual growth, support and fellowship to strengthen and enrich marriages. This can work out through establishing a National Family Committee

1. The function of the Family Ministry in the Fellowship is to celebrate the joys of marriage, to cultivate a Christian world view of marriage, and to promote God's word as the blueprint for marriage.
2. Make sure that the National Family Committee made up of Regional Family Leaders is focused to produce good results.
3. Design and implement a strategic plan of Action to enrich families.
4. To mobilize and organize family enhancement seminars
5. Strengthening and Renewing Marriages and Families via ongoing activities, couple mentoring programs, and other education materials / support through different levels of leadership.
6. Provide and on-going assessment of the needs of Christian marriages in Uganda and elsewhere.
7. To establish and implement a support system that deters marriage breakdown throughout the nation.
8. To equip, sensitize, mobilize and activate the Church toward Balanced Family life.
9. To plan, link, coordinate, mobilize and carry out local, national and international programs.
10. To equip the Family leadership on all Fellowship Leaders on different levels with the necessary skills for Family issues (Teachings, Resources, Seminars etc…)
11. To procure empowerment for the Church and or community with programs, which value sound family values.
12. To serve the body of Christ in line with and in need of Family Life guidance.
13. To promote and protect the values of families in the various localities
14. To disseminate the operations of the department to grassroots
15. To monitor families of leaders, members, Christians and citizens for necessary help.
16. Provide biblical guidance to members (marriage, pre-marriage, other issues) Identify, recruit, train and develop a marriage and pre-marriage mentor volunteer team
17. Provide leadership and ongoing training to the existing volunteer leadership team
18. Provide oversight of all marriage enrichment, marriage preparation, parenting, blended families and divorce Life Groups
19. Develop and identify curriculum for new and ongoing marriage and parenting groups

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