Market Place

About the Ministry

The role of the Marketplace Ministry (MPM) is to act as a catalyst, to realign and reposition Fellowship members so that they will have a kingdom mindset in the marketplace. It will raise up marketplace Christians to be committed to the transformation of the marketplace.

The function of the ministry is to facilitate a three-prong approach to effectively impact the spheres of influence. These are:
• To inculcate the value of integrity, honesty, uprightness and morality in the marketplace.
• To bring in the harvest of souls from the marketplace.
• To teach and sow into the works of His Kingdom.
• To sensitize on taking spiritual ownership in the workplace.
• To equip and empower members of Fellowship to have a Kingdom mentality in transforming their workplace through their partnership with the Holy Spirit
• To organized teaching series and equipping classes on effectiveness in the marketplace. It will also provide a platform for members of Fellowship to pray for one another and share testimonies from the marketplace.

Minister's Profile

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