About the Ministry

The prime responsibility of the Ministry of Children Affairs is to implement The Fellowships National policies for Children development programs in the Fellowship.

The Minister is expected set up a national committee made up of children Affairs leaders from the Regional Committees.

• Shall be responsible for the Children in the Fellowship and thus conduct events for the Children in the next years.
• Shall see to the welfare of the Children during all regular and special events/programs of the Fellowship at all levels of leaderships.
• Shall undertake special training and special outreaches for children in the Local Churches
• Shall represent the Fellowship in special programs for Children outside the Fellowship as approved by the General Overseer or Secretariat.
• Shall nominate children's workers for training with the appropriate ministries when necessary.
• Shall be a service arm to the Children Ministry arm of the Fellowship.
• Shall handle all cases about the Fellowship Children’s Ministry that come to the attention of the Fellowship.
• Shall be responsible for the establishment of envisioning programs for Children teachers so as to empower them foe effective ministry on all levels of leadership.
• Shall be responsible for planning and execution of the annual Children's' week program of the Local Churches.
• Shall perform any other responsibilities as may be delegated by the General Overseer or the secretariat.

Minister's Profile

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