Trade and Investment

About the Ministry

One responsible for supervising trade and investment issues in the Fellowship

• To establish a National Trade and Investment committee using the Regional Trade and Investment Departmental heads
• To foster internal and international trade and to systematically build an industrial sector that is dynamic, competitive and integrated into the domestic, regional and global economies”.
• To build sustainable and diversified economic growth that contributes towards increased productivity, wealth creation and poverty reduction in our nation
• Formulate and oversee the implementation of the Fellowship’s commercial, industrial and trade development policy and necessary legal framework.
• Formulate and supervise implementation of legislation, regulations for weights, measures and standards, dates and standards of time and consumer protection.
• Help its members to define minimum standards for maintenance of quality control of goods and services.
• Establish and supervise the Fellowship Bureau of standards
• Coordinate policies for promotion of activities that encourage development of small scale industries.
• Develop and oversee regulations, contracts, protocols and agreements in the field of commerce and industry.
• Participate in preparation of economic and financial policies to achieve commercial development in Fellowship
• Provide technical and commercial information on the opportunities for trade in expansion to the NFBPC in order to enhance economic development.
• Promote the exports of member’s products.
• Facilitate the development of wholesale markets and the efficient distribution of goods and services in Fellowship.
• Facilitate access by the Fellowship to commercial and marketing research, together with new technologies.
• Provide technical assistance, training of other capacity building to Fellowship to build their capacity to assume their responsibilities for commercial and industrial matters as defined in the Strategic plan.

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