About the Ministry

Description and Characteristics.
• Person in charge of the Evangelistic and Outreach initiatives of the Fellowship.
• He is a gifted agile Gospel Communicator/ Evangelist depicting proven operation in the gift and the development of others in the field.

• Motivate the Fellowship and Individuals about fulfilling the Great Commission of Lord.
• Arrange and organize trainings for upcoming Evangelists for World Evangelism
• To steer the Fellowship into Outreach initiatives and missions.
• Prepare, host, and support evangelistic initiatives in the Fellowship and Body of Christ.
• Set up strategies for reaching out to the lost souls.
• Liaise with Fellowship structures to set up Evangelism Committees.
• Serves as an outreach arm of the Fellowship.
• Hold periodical and annual Outreach programs.
• Mobilize and streamline erroneous outreach practices in Fellowship and community.
• Develop systems to carry out evangelism and witnessing outreaches in different spheres of influence, using different strategies.
• Keep a detailed record of outreach operations in the Fellowship.

The Ministry shall perform any other responsibilities as may be delegated by the General Overseer or secretariat.

Minister's Profile

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