Protocol and Foreign Affairs

About the Ministry

The Protocol Ministry is the arm of the NFBPC to deal with all matters related to Fellowship’s diplomatic relations with the international/national community through the internationally accepted norms and procedures of ‘Protocol’.

• Handles official ceremonial functions including Visits, Heads of Missions from Uganda and facilitating logistical and protocol arrangements for international and local conferences being held in Uganda.
• Provides security backups, before and during the services, as well as providing logistical support and cooperation to other departments such as the Ushering department and Ministry of Security thus fostering an environment which is safe at any event.
• Serve the pastors, members, dignitaries and all the visiting speakers.
• Responsible for various activities, from shuttling guests to and from hotels, and to the worship centers, while also providing the necessary security needed, and in the real sense fulfilling the functions of armor bearers.
• The Minister of Protocol is also the Chief of Protocol of the Fellowship in regard to the protocol and ceremonial aspects of its foreign relations.
• Protocol Ministry provides required assistance to the events hosted by Fellowship.
• Protocol Ministry also handles the protocol aspects of the foreign visits of Fellowship.
• Provision of Advises on Logistical and Protocol for International Conferences: The Protocol Ministry plays a key role in promoting the Fellowship. In this context, the Protocol Ministry closely coordinates the necessary arrangements with the relevant line Ministries.
• The Protocol Ministry also provides necessary assistance and guidance to the staff members of the relevant Ministries to perform protocol and logistical functions related to such international conferences.
• The Ministry organizes special meetings, tours, and visits for members of the Diplomatic organizations. It also provides assistance and guidance on protocol issues to Fellowship and other bodies in Fellowship.
• The Ministry creates a warm and loving environment in the Fellowship services ensuring that all guests, visitors and members feel welcomed and appreciated.

Minister's Profile

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