Planning & Finance

About the Ministry

• To aid and advise the financial of the Fellowship
• To promote accountability and transparency in service delivery in nthe Fellowship
• Set up value feedback from all our stakeholders
• The Minister of Finance is expected to work closely with the National Treasurer.
• Efficient and effective delivery of finance and economic services to the NFBPC through strong leadership role in planning and management of the available resources.
• To effectively plan, generate, allocate and account for resources through the implementation of fiscal and economic policies and the facilitation of social and environmental policies in co-operation with other agencies thereby providing and enabling sustainable growth and development.
• Supervising implementation of the Fellowship’s fiscal policy and monitoring its implementation by the relevant Ministry.
• Help in the preparation the Fellowship’s budget, discussing it with different Ministries and monitoring its implementation.
• Help in supervising Fellowship revenue collection activities and ensuring that they comply with the relevant rules and regulations.
• Supervising the annual closing of the Fellowship’s accounts and expenditures.
• Monitoring implementation of the Fellowship’s policy for providing loans to individuals and Fellowship developmental activities through its banks and funds, including the Agricultural Bank, etc.

Minister's Profile

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