Music, Art and Fashion

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Music and Arts is a Ministry plans and guides the Fellowship’s development of Gospel Music and creative art by establishing policies and strategies to address the challenges we have today in the Church and the Nation.

The Minister of Music and Arts is responsible for the music life of the Fellowship, including the administration, training, praise & work, choir music and instrumental music.

• To provide support, lobbying and advocacy on all issues pertaining to music
• To formulate policies and programs and further provide professional guidance to the improve gospel music in the Fellowship and the nation.
• To mobilize, secure and allocate financial resources to the Fellowship Music Councils for the coordination and implementation of the music policies and programs
• To liaise with music ministries engaged in the implementation of music activities and further coordinate such activities
• To supervise, monitor and evaluate the performance of the Fellowship music Councils
• To integrate and harmonize music development and empowerment programs at national and local levels

Minister's Profile

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