About the Ministry

All of us are disabled in some way as we stand before God. Thanks be to God, we are a church that believes God is calling us into the world — together. We don’t have to do it alone and we don’t have to do everything. We can connect with brothers and sisters to help us invite all into full participation in body of Christ and in the world.

There are many different disabilities but the general principles include; respect for the differences and acceptance of persons with disabilities as part of the human diversity and humanity,

• Providing equal opportunities for them to serve or participate
• To sensitize setting up accessibility of churches and facilities at the campuses of churches
e.g. pulpits, toilets, conference rooms, meeting places etc.
• To advocate for acceptance and respect for the evolving capacities of children and youth with disabilities in the Sunday schools and Christian founded schools.
• To train use of positive language; not demeaning, not discriminative, nor sarcastic of a person’s disability.
• To sensitize Church leaders of a need to know the causes of disabilities and what the bible scriptures have to say about how to go about such people’s concerns and the present laws or policies on disability so as to help communities to appreciate their disabled family members.
• Set plans for teaching sign language to reach deaf people with the good news of salvation by learning it or training or hiring sign language – interpreters
• To ensure that the objectives, Mission and vision of the Fellowship are attained.
• To devise different means of mobilizing resources for the running of the Ministry programs.
• To supervise the management of the Ministry.
• To organize out-reach programs to sensitizing churches, communities and Institutions on Disability and inclusive Education.
• To Network the institutes with other organizations both government and Non-governmental in the disability and education sector .
• To publicize the activities and programs at the Ministry.
• To supervise and monitor Ministry programs in disability, elderly and functional adult education including the councils on disability, elderly , and non-formal education.
• Spearhead lobbying, advocacy, and sensitization in community Development, disability, elderly affairs and function adult education.

Minister's Profile

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