About the Ministry

The NFBPC Minister of Health exists to provide opportunities for member Churches, Ministries and communities to have their health concerns answered; through surveys, holding regular health team meetings that are open to Churches/Ministries. Its mission is to demonstrate Christ’s love through the provision of improved health services.

• Seeks to fulfill its role by providing resource support, leadership training, organizational development, representation, mentoring, event planning and professional support to NFBPC Churches and members.
• Seek to work in an integrative way with other NFBPC Ministries and member Health Institutions, as well to collaborate and partner with faith based organizations and other institutions in our efforts.
• Offer church-based training in good hygiene and sanitation.
• Promote church-based care to individuals, families and communities through psycho-social support and counseling.
• Trained leaders in various aspects of HIV prevention and other Healthy issues to care as well as fight stigma and discrimination through the different NFBPC levels of leaderships.
• To create geographic networks of NFBPC Churches/Ministries
• To sensitize NFBPC members of the growing incidence of AIDS within the church, and to educate members in prevention and loving responses to people affected by the virus.
• Set health policies based on the Fellowship’s programs to promote health and people health.
• Plan and organize strategies for health.
• Prepare standard letter to ensure the maximization of public and private health quality.
• Follow-up, monitor and evaluate the administrative and technical works of health organizations regarding the law and standard paper set to be officially implement.
• Find the ways for health development and manage all human resources, equipments, finance and information regarding the public health system at the Headquarter, Region/Provinces/Municipalities/Capital, Districts, Parish levels.
• Organize medical prevention and care program to remove or reduce diseases existing among NFBPC members operating in the country.

Minister's Profile

Dr. Monica Musenero is a vastly experienced public health professional who has distinguished herself as a trailblazer in implementing Strategic responses to medical emergencies such as the ebola outbreaks in Sierra Leonne (2016), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (2018). Her service spans Uganda’s Ministry of Health, local governments, higher education institutions, field epidemiology training programs and engagements in various Sub-Saharan countries. She has contributed numerous articles to peer-reviewed medical and public health journals.

During the course of her...
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