About the Ministry

Ministry of Education in NFBPC Envisions bringing together resources contained in its rich membership to set up a National Christian-based and focused Education Backbone.

Its goals are:
• To set up a National committee involving Regional Educational department heads
• To draw up strategies and plans for educational reform and development in the Fellowship
• To take charge of the overall planning, coordination and management of all forms of education at various levels of the Fellowship;
• To formulate, in collaboration with relevant departments, the standards for the setting-up of schools of all types at various levels;
• To guide the reform of education and teaching methods;
• To take charge of the statistics, analysis, and release of basic educational information in all Fellowship levels of leadership.
• To promote all-round development of compulsory education and equitable education;
• To take charge of the macro-guidance and coordination of compulsory education; and to direct the regular senior secondary education, pre-school education, and special education.
• To lay down requirements for and basic documents for teaching in elementary education; in order to help our schools function well.
• To provide guidance for the supervision over education nationwide, organize and direct the inspection and evaluation of the implementation of the program.
• To provide guidance for the development and reform of employment-oriented vocational education;
• To formulate the documents for the guidance of teaching, and standards of teaching assessment;
• To enhance the compiling of teaching materials for secondary vocational education and to improve the occupational counseling.
• To direct the development and reform of higher education, and further deepen the reform of the administrative system of universities under the direct affiliation of the Ministry of Education.
• To take charge of the overall management of the educational funds under jurisdiction of this Ministry,
• To prepare statistics of the funds for education across the country.
• To plan and direct the educational work for the ethnic minority groups, and to coordinate the educational aids to the ethnic minority groups and ethnic minority areas.
• To administer teachers’ work;
• To formulate and supervise the implementation of the standards for qualification for teachers of various types and at various levels together in collaboration with relevant departments; and to direct the training of people for the education system.
• To organize and guide international educational exchanges and cooperation;

Minister's Profile

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