Agriculture and Rural Innovation

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Agriculture primarily deals with matters like agricultural policies, services, pricing, support, programs and schemes, statistics, weather forecasting, drought management and business. Ministry of agriculture also deals with the technological aspects of agricultural industry. The prime objective of minister of agriculture is to enhance the quality of life of the people by encouraging agricultural production through a selection of programs.

• To design and implement the Fellowship’s Strategic plan on agriculture.
• to participate in priority investigation programs on increase of the productivity in the agriculture, processing of the agricultural goods, profitable use of biodiversity, also in plant growing and animal breeding;
• To formulate and implement the Fellowship policy on food security;
• To participate in support for veterinary services, food production and control.
• to render agro-technical, agro-chemical and other necessary services on producers and processors of the agricultural products, to analyze, to prognosticate their need in engineering, machine, equipment, spares and other goods of production appointment, together with the relating executive organs to give the propositions on meeting those requirements, to take measures in organization of the spheres of the technical service;
• To implement other duties delegated by the Fellowship.

Minister's Profile

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