Women Affairs

About the Ministry

The Ministry of Women Affairs is tasked with the responsibility of equipping, empowering, Women Affairs for sustainable development and Ministry growth.

The basic roles of the Ministry of Women Affairs are as follows:
• Establish a National Women’s Committee for determining policies and directions to achieve goals
• Promoting the general welfare of Women to realize their full potentials in various fields of human endeavors.
• To ensure development of Women holistically;
• Providing enabling environment that will ensure the maximum and holistic development of the potentials of the women towards national development and nation building.
• To develop and strengthen a comprehensive and integrated social database for the purpose of planning, monitoring and evaluation of programs for target groups;
• To increase the level of skills and knowledge as well as to empower target groups to enable their effective participation in NFBPC national program;
• To increase and diversify the opportunities for target groups towards enhancing their effective participation in NFBPC national program;
• To strengthen the networking both at the national and local levels to facilitate the sharing of information, experience and expertise;
• To establish effective monitoring and evaluating mechanism to improve the implementation of policies and programs;
• To disseminate information on facilities and services provided by various agencies and organizations for the benefits of women, family and the community.

Minister's Profile

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