Information and Communication Technology

About the Ministry

The Information Communication and Technology Ministry is charged with the responsibility of managing Fellowship/church electronic data and information.

• Securing and maintaining data base on Fellowship/church membership, leadership and equipment, etc.
• Projecting slides and other multimedia helps during NFBPC functions
• Working closely with the Media Ministry in Projecting slides and/or video clips etc. as aid to pastor’s proclamation
• Coordinate the activities of the ministry at the different levels of NFBPC Leadership.
• Any other ICT function as demanded by the Secretariat.
• To undertake various relevant research studies follow with initiatives regarding the promotion of ICT as a profession within Fellowship in order to support the recruitment of professionals in the ICT Ministry and raise the profile of ICT as an attractive Ministry in the Fellowship/Church.
• Contribute to the planning of profession promotion initiatives and conduct research and analysis as required in order to develop detailed Strategic plans describing work steps, dependencies, deliverables, responsibilities, timelines, performance indicators and investment requirements
• Contribute to the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement of section and initiative-related systems, processes and practices taking into account ‘international best practice’, improvement of work processes and performance improvement.
• Undertake the initiatives required to ensure the development and promotion of ICT profession promotion programs in the Fellowship
• Identify shortfalls in ICT profession promotion program offerings and barriers for members in order to rectify.
• Analyze and evaluate the current Fellowship needs with regard to ICT professions and identify potential inhibitors to talent attraction and retention in order to effectively tackle the issues
• Conduct quarterly ICT profession promotion related awareness activities and initiatives in order to support inspiring young generations with regards to ICT careers
• Participate in projects outside profession promotion as required such as ICT vocational training and Digital skills for all in order to facilitate the achievement of goals and objectives

Minister's Profile

Robert B. Mutyaba is the Minister for ICT. He provides leadership to the NFBPC Ministry of ICT; and strengthens our projects with his exceptional abilities and experience in needs analysis, project management, quality control, design and specification, modification of standard software, development of supplementary applications, installation and implementation, education, support, and maintenance. Robert is a strategic thinker and a member of Institute for National Transformation Alumni.

Morever, Robert has passion for ministry: he has spent over 10 years as a youth mentor...
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