Council of Elders

This is a Council of well-selected age-tested spiritually-mature respectable and exemplary Christian leaders/ ministers who monitor and guide the spiritual welfare, discipline, ethics and integrity of the Fellowship Leadership and Church at large.

Initially it consisted of 24 leaders; prayerfully selected across the 13 regions countrywide, but because constitutional requirement for retiring General Overseers to automatically join this team of leaders, Apostle Dr. Alex Mitala became number 25.

During Elections or Appointments, the CoE takes responsibility to vet and qualify all intending candidates before they stand for elections or appointments accordingly, and it also undertakes counselling, mediation and reconciliations.

It is represented on every level of leadership by a team of like-leaders (called Advisors or Elders) in consultation with this National Elders' Board; selected to undertake similar roles at those levels.

Committee Members