Electoral Commission

The Fellowship Election Commission is vested with power of the superintendence, direction and control of the entire process for conducting of elections nationwide.

The Electoral Commission is composed of the following;
i. Commissioner General
ii. Deputy Commissioner General
iii. Secretary Electoral Commission
iv. Treasurer Electoral Commission, and
v. Regional Commissioners
vi. The Staff.

it is responsible for;
1. Organizing free and fair elections nation-wide.
2. Preparing and publishing guidelines to be followed in the election nationwide.In the context of
fulfilling its duties of conducting free and fair elections nationwide, the electoral Commission will be
3. It reports in writing to the NEC through the General Secretary quarterly on all its activities.

The Commission is elected directly by the National Delegates Conference for a term of seven years on such conditions as shall be set by the National Delegates Conference.

Committee Members

Commissioner - Western (Ankole)
Commissioner West Nile
Commissioner - Karamoja
Clerk/ Registrar/ Administrator - General/ SpecialDuties
Commissioner - South Western (Kigezi)
Commissioner - South Western (Kigezi)
Commissioner Southern Buganda (Msaka)
Commissioner South Eastern (Busoga)
General Secretary
Assistant Comissioner General
Commissioner - North Eastern (Teso)
Commissioner - Central (Buganda)
Deputy Overseer
Commissioner General
Commissioner - Eastern (Bukedi)
Commissioner Kampala
Deputy Commissioner General