National Governing Council

The Annual General Assembly (AGA) is the highest decision making body of the fellowship. The AGA constitutes an electoral college which elects the highest executive organ of the fellowship, the National Governing Council (NGC). NFBPC has governing councils serving at Regional, Provincial, District and Sub-county levels (that is, REC, PGC, DGC and SCGC respectively).

These are elected to serve a term of five years as stipulated in the NFBPC constitution. In addition, the GO is supported by a council of 24 elders appointed for life and including any outgoing (retired) General Overseers, a Doctrinal & Restoration Committee (DRC) that handles doctrine & discipline, an Electoral Commission (EC) that handles national and local elections, a Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) handles Constitutional matters and a National Fellowship Tribunal (NFT) that handles disputes (Civil, Ministerial & Ethical).

Committee Members

Deputy Overseer
Clerk/ Registrar/ Administrator
General Overseer
General Secretary